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gathering of soldiers and/or civilian personnel, such as we saw at this readiness preparation building. . now we're getting word from fort hood, telling us who was involved and what the consequences were. we have the definitive word from fort hood, and we just heard, as you have heard, this is a terrible tragedy for the army and military family. neil: steve centanni, you are right. what we did hear from the lieutenant was the number of dead has been ratcheted up to 12 confirmed, 31 wounded.
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bob newman is back with us as we wait for the president of the united states. the f.b.i. quickly tried to say no terrorism connection here. at the same time, they're looking at all ends, but not entirely ruling it out. what do you make of that? >> that is standard f.b.i. procedure. i learned that from my mother, who god rest her soul, worked directly for j. edgar hoover and she would bring the files home when we were kids and we learned it back then. this is a professional organization, the f.b.i., and you don't want to rule everything out and don't want to rule everything in. remain calm. assume absolutely nothing and get to the bottom of it while maintaining your -- if you want to go to somewhere else, go ahead. neil: that's fine. i'm not even aware of the time. i'm going to shepard smith as we
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wait for the president of the united states. >> glenn beck is off today. this is fox news continuing coverage of the tragedy at fort hood. fox news confirms through the military as you just heard 12 people murdered and 31 injured in that shooting rampage at fort hood next to killeen, texas. we can tell you, one of the dead victims is a civilian police officer, contracted by the military to work there on post. we're told that president obama will address this shooting rampage now. let's listen live. >> please, everybody, have a seat. let me thank the entire department of the interior staff for organizing just an extraordinary conference. i want to thank my cabinet
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members and senior administration officials who participated today. i hear that dr. joe medicine crowe was around and i want to give out a show shout out to that congressional medal of honor winner. it is good to see you. my understanding is that you had an extremely productive conference. i want to thank all of you for coming and for your efforts, and i want to give you my solemn guarantee that this is not the end of a process but the beginning of a process, and that we are going to follow up. we a going to follow up much every member of my team understands this is a top priority for us. i want you to know, as i said this morning, this is not
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something that we just give lip service to, and we are going to keep on working with you to make sure that the first americans get the best possible chances in life in a way that is consistent with your extraordinary culture and values. i have to say, though, that beyond that, i had planned to make some broader remarks about the challenges for our administration. as you may have heard, there has been a tragic shooting at fort hood army base in texas. we don't know all the details yet at this moment. we will share them as we get them. we do know a number of american
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soldiers have been killed and even more have been wounded in a horrific outburst of violence. my immediate thoughts and prayers are with the wounded and with the families of the fallen, and with those who live and serve at fort hood. these are plen and women who have made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. it is difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. i have spoken to secretary gates, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen, and i will continue to receive a constant stream of
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updates as new information comes in. we are working with the pentagon, f.b.i., department of home hand security, all to ensure that fort hood is secure, and we will continue to support the community with the full resources of the federal government. in the meantime, i would ask all americans to keep the men and women of fort hood in your thoughts and prayers. we will make sure that we get answers to every single question about this horrible incident, and and i want all of you to know that as commander in chief, that there's no greater honor, but also no greater responsibility for me than to make sure that the extraordinary men and women in uniform are
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properly cared for and their safety and security is provided for when they are at home, and we are going to stay on this. i hope that in the meantime, all of you recognize the scope of this tragedy and keep everybody in their thoughts and prayers. again, thank you for your participation here today. shepard: at fort hood, texas, 12 people dead, 31 injured, the latest from the post itself. one of the victims is said to be a civilian police officer contracted by the military for services on post. we are told that the primary gunman, as he was described by the colonel at the post was a soldier who used, as his weapons, two handguns. it is our understanding that he is responsible for the deaths of those 12 people. however, two other soldiers are
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now in custody. the level of their participation or knowledge of all of this is unknown to us at this moment. we know that the 31 people who have been wounded. we don't know how many of those have been taken to hospitals. we know there are hospitals on post and off post in the neighboring killeen, texas, and right now, we're waiting for the military. who was this soldier? who has been killed? who are the other soldiers who were in custody and being questioned, and what might the motive have been? we do not know. the congressman who represents that area, john carter, was our guest more than an hour ago in studio b and is live now from the capitol hill rotunda. congressman carter, do you have anything further that we have not yet reported? >> no. as i told you initially, my regional director was going to a military graduation ceremony on post when the shooting started. he was there close by, and a
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soldier who had been wounded out to warn him to take cover that there were people shooting people. he informed me at the time that he knew that there were multiple wounded and he had, at that time, heard five dead. that number is of course es escalating tragically, so that's the on the site report that i have. since then, his cell phone is turned off. i don't know whether he they made them all turn their cell phones off or what. we're hoping to hear back from him as soon as he gets his cell phone back on. then, of course, what i'm hearing, i talked to a colonel who regularly works on the post that he gave me some information that he had. it's similar to what you're hearing on the news on the various stations. >> congressman, what do you know -- we do not know a motivation here. we do not know who the shooter or shooters are. what can you tell us about the way that this post has handled post-traumatic stress syndrome,
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as they have had so many brave young men and women going to the war zones in iraq and afghanistan. >> fort hood probably has had as many if not more people in combat over the last four or five years than anybody around, and they have been on top of post-traumatic stress syndrome, and the traumatic brain injury. they have a facility there for people in transition who are experiencing that psychiatric and psychological assistance there with counselors there to would with them. they're working with the families and the soldiers. on top of that, they are also dealing with the suicide issue at fort hood, so they are very much in tune with where the army is, which is understanding that the situation our military is in is putting a lot of stress on human beings, and they're trying they're their very best to deal
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with this, and i would say the initial reaction is this is some type of reaction, a mental health reaction, but numerous shooters makes me question that. >> it certainly wouldn't make any thinking person do just that. congressman, we know according to the post, officials at the post, that the gunman, the primary gunman who we are told by the military has been shot and killed, had two handguns. those were his primary weapons. we do not know about the other two, but this idea that three soldiers, one now killed and two being questioned, i would guess the enormous challenge for both representatives like you and for those who are run the post there have a lot of questions. >> yes, i have a lot of questions and this is important to us. these are our neighbors standing up for freedom and i'm just heartbroken about what it is
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doing to the killeen community and trying to figure out a way to go down there and still be here for the healthcare vote going on on the hill. it's a challenge, but i wish i could be there with them right now and let them know that we stand with the full resources of our office. i'm fortunate to have the former post chaplain's post and he has more compassion than most people and certainly the ability to deal with folks that are under heavy stress, and i'm hoping that they he is being utilized. >> it is my understanding that the local hospital has been receiving 31 wouldn'ted, wounded. >> it is a place similar to the mayo clinic-type situation. great doctors, great nurses, great facility and they will take excellent care of these shoulders. it is a great place for them to
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be. not all the hospitals are on the post. it is a good facility on in the vicinity. we are building a new hospital in the beginning stages, too, so there is good medical resources. shepard: for our viewers in your district who may be watching in the killeen area, the hospital has said its emergency department is off limits to the public but it is requesting that people come and donate bhoodz if they can, and i'm guessing especially those who are of less common types of blood, all of the victims, congressman, all of those have been taken to the hospital are said to be adults, so though there are nine schools in the area, we can now confirm through the military that no children were hit, and i guess if you're looking for a silver lining, that may be one. >> that's right. there could have been other civilians at the processing center. it's not unusual for them to be there. our hearts and prayers need to
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go out to every one of the families and the soldiers that are involved in this tragedy. this is an awful thing. the security at that post is outsanding. i would argue that it is one of the best run military posts on earth. we have a huge contingent of soldiers. we're right around 50,000 soldiers that are deploying in and out of fort hood. i think we have got probably 50,000 to 20,000 in the war theater right now. this is truly a tragedy to those who have given their all to defend freedom for the country. >> congressman john carter, representing the distinct which is killeen and fort hood. live with us on capitol hill, waiting for the healthcare debate, and the vote on the bill. congressman, it is very good of you to be with us, and all our best. >> thank you very much. shepard: thank you. i want to clarify. i'm not sure exactly what i said earlier but i want to clarify the soldier, the primary shooter as he has been described by general robert cone, there from
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the military, was shot and killed by local police in the course of this, it is our understanding he was in the process of shooting people inside this center and local police shot and killed him. the other two -- now, there are two other suspects in custody. we have confirmed that there was a shooting at the house theater, which is fairly nearby and the belief is that this started at that theater. that was where the first reports of shootings came in. then the report of shooting from this center, where the ceremony was taking place. is it possible that the group of shooters or the three, the one who is now deceased and got in custody went from the theater to this particular facility where the ceremony is underway? it is certainly possible. many of you are asking questions about that. it may just be too early to learn that sort of thing. the first of the information comes to our national assignment
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desk in new york here, and our reporter, i guess we could call him, tim, is working with the updates. >> our first word is from the ground at 1:30, eastern, when 7 are dead. it is right when we're going to studio b and we got this information and tried to verify it. as we have now come to known, there are 12 dead, 31 wounded. two other soldiers in custody and the possible suspects, and we know the primary shooter was shot and killed by local police officer a local police officer was killed in the shootout. it is these two other soldiers, possible suspects that we are focusing on right now. all the injured were soldiers. they were in the readiness facility, which is described as a very large facility. not all the shootings actually happened in one place but it
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sounds like most of them did. the soldier readiness center is where they go if they are about to be deployed or are returning so they are undergoing medical treatment there. a large checks of people there. there were civilians on the base, and at this hour, the base is still in lockdown and we continue to get new details trying to find out about the shooter and two other possible suspects, and also expecting to hear from governor rick perry at 5:30 eastern. we will bring that to you live. >> live at the national assignment desk, our national assignment manager working with his team to bring you the latest information. our capitol hill producer a man who brings us a lot of information but whom you don't see works behind the scene has just informed us that chad purdham was his name and he was speaking with steny hoyer just moments ago, and steny hoyer, of course, the house majority leader working on the healthcare bill on chill, our producer
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spoke with him and was the one to inform him at this shooting at ford hood and the majority leader has said there will be a moment of silence most likely in the next few minutes on the house floor as some bills are now coming to the floor, so sometime in the next few minutes, the house of representatives will observe a moment ofxd silence, for the bre men and potentially women who were killed today inside that center there add fort hood. my colleague, jonathan hunt, the chief fox correspondent is live in the newsroom and gathering further information. jonathan, a civilian police officer shot and killed as well, and it is hard to imagine the chaos there, but no one has been allowed to leave the post, so we're not getting firsthand reports. >> it is interesting when you hear how these shootings were carried out. the shooter carried two handguns, unusual for a staff
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that he would carry handguns rather than the m-16's standard issues. to kill 12 people with two handguns, you have to be really very, very well trained, first of all, in the use of those handguns, and you have to be carrying out those shootings very precisely execution-style, so it sounds like this person had manned this and knew precisely what he was doing to inflict maximum casualty. >> let's get to washington and chill. catherine herridgeifñ?ñ? coverse military and terrorism issues for us and has terrific sources up there. what is unclear to me and i don't know if sources have been able to tell you, we know this primary shooter has been shot and killed by a civilian police officer. we do not know what the involvement is, if any, or the suspected involvement of the other two solders in cussed to dir related to this incident --
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in custody related to this incident. >> law enforcement said everyone involved was military. i asked, do you know they military or wearing military uniforms, because there's a distinction. shepard: there certainly is. >> there is an important distinction there. that was not cheer. that may be cheer to those at fort hood but it brings us to a larger discussion as to how washington in terms of home hand security is getting engaged with what is going on in fort hood and based on the conversations i have had, f.b.i. is engaged, home hand security is engaged and those within the intelligence community who measure the threats inside the united states every day. what i have heard unanimously is that the information is very preliminary and so preliminary that they're not reaching any conclusions. right now, they're saying there isn't an obvious connection to terrorism but that's something that is still evolving. i just want to lay up for you some of the markers that they will be considering in the coming hours to make some determinations as to whether
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this was the act of a lone gunman in the military or whether this may be something even more sinister than that. they will look at number of shooters. they will look at whether there was a level of coordination, and a level of premeditation. was there meant to be a series of shootings that would be simultaneous, because that is one of the hallmarks of a terrorist attack. when they look at these issues, the one element that comes up is fort dix, the fort dix six. if you will remember, that was the event in 2007, which was a plot that was never realized by six young men to inflict mass casualties on that reserve base in southern new jersey. no one is trying to make a connection to that style of attack yet, but this is the type of thinking that is going around in washington as they try and discern what exactly happened, and i can only stress that it is so early that no one is dawing any conclusions as to whether it was just a lone wolf, someone
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was in the the military, someone was masquerading as being in the military or someone had a terrorism connection, an ideology which may have radicalized them and propelled them to act in this way. shepard: catherine is not speculating on this matter. she is telling us what the authorities will be going through as they try to determine the bigger picture of what has happened here. the military has reported to us that, in fact, they have concluded that all three of these men who are in custody and one deceased are, in fact, military personnel. tell me, if you can, based on your experience, does that mean that this would be a series of interviews layer after layer, people who knew them, of them, knew their families and the rest as they try to get to the bottom of clearly, if thee people are involved, that is, by definition, a con conspiracy. the problem is we don't know the level of involvement of these two soldiers now in custody.
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i want to make clear that i don't know how they will be interviewing these three individuals that they now have, but i can speak generally on what the strategy is. the strategy is to try and collect different pools of data. your try and maximize the a the amount of data that you can collect so you can compare and subtract and find the consistencies and inconsistencies in the statements of the individuals. when my experience is that they would interview people separately and gather that information and then go to the next circle of people that surrounds them, who knew them, their backgrounds, they would go to their homes. they would do what they call sort of document searches, almost like data mining searches, look at their computers, their diaries, they're going to look at their offices, their workplaces and that's going to provide a whole 'nother tool of data. you try and sort of cast a net
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as wide as possible, so you can see once again where the consistencies are, are and where the contrast contrasts and the inconsist inconsistencies are. what they will be looking for is whether there was a conspiracy and what was the level of participation by anyone else, and was it a lone wolf scenario or an ideology. shepard: we will get back to you, catherine. i was just given the information that we have an affiliate coverage. this is from kvbc in austin as choppers are arriving at this hospital which i mentioned moments ago. >> one from pennsylvania, one from new york, my parents back home. this is traveling fast. this is the story that everybody is keeping an eye on right now. everybody is wanting to know what happened, what possibly
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went wrong there. i can't imagine those that have family members at fort hood because we don't have the names of the victims at this time, and i think bernadette alluded to this earlier that the phone lines are jammed in that area. there might be some of you trying to contact family relatives, loved ones, friends, wondering who the dead and wounded are. shepard: it is our understanding from the military that their priority one right now aside from treating those who are wounded is to notify the families of the people who have been injured and those who have lost their lives in this tragedy. the families are notified as a matter of course. the families are notified first. the news media are float fied last, an understandably so, so they're working to do notifications now, and at some point we expect to get from this hospital details of the injuries of that have been sustained here.
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there are a lot of different kinds of injuries possible. certainly some may be shooting victims and the possibility that as people are trying to evacuate this place in the scene of the chaos that some of the 31 injured could have been less severely injured and not by gunfire and that's certainly what we can hope. jonathan hunt is in our newsroom. it is our understanding that this is a well equipped large trauma-ready hospital, and that they are able to handle all 31 who have come from this facility without a great deal of trouble, according to the congressman. >> wow expect on a base of that size they would have state state-of-the-art medical facilities so no surprise there. of course, they are not far from the brook army medical center, one of the best equipped military hospitals in the country. no doubt they have all the staff they need, all the equipment they need. they are used to dealing with trauma, very obviously so. no surprise that they would be saying that they can cope there with all the wounded who are now
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coming into that hospital. shepard: jonathan, thank you. steny hoyer, the house majority leader has indicated that there will be a moment of silence onto house floor moments from now. we're waiting for that. in addition, the governor of the state of texas, rick perry is speaking three minutes from now, 4:30 texas time, 5:30 on the east coast. we will have live coverage of that as well. we have live pictures from the house of representatives it's my understanding as they are looking now -- well, as you can see, there are not a lot of people in place but a vote is underway and a moment of silence to come in a short period to come. there is 1:20 left on this vote and a moment sire lens after that. a lot of questions to be answered yet much we do not know -- first of all, motivation. this soldier who, according to the military is the one with two handguns carrying out the vast majority of all these shootings who is deceased now, killed by a local police officer, we do not know motivation, and we do not
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know specifically his connection to the other two soldiers who are in custody and being questioned in relations to this. we can tell you that ambulances from the nearby community of killeen and other areas have been brought in to transport the injured here. it's our understanding that all of the injured have been taken to the off-post hospital which is capable of handling all of this. while we wait for the moment of silence on the house floor. inin addition, we're awaiting further news conferences from the post. do you know when that might happen? >> the lieutenant general bob cone said he would try to come back and tell us more later. we have no indications of any timings as yet. maybe bob scales, our military analyst, was saying this is unusual from the army. woe expect a lot more information to be released more quickly. he says the commander of that base appears to be champing down on what is being let out. did is unusual and that might
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tell us something about what is going on behind the scenes there. they are desperately trying to get everything right before they say anything. >> now to the capitol hill rotunda and senator hutchinson of the state of texas with whom we spoke an hour and a half ago or so and now senator hutchinson, it turns out sadly your information on the number of wounded was accurate, and i know no one could be sorrier about that than you. ii wonder what more you have learned that you might be able to impart to our viewers. >> yes, i am getting updated constantly. i just got off the phone with one of the generals there and they are still in lockdown. they are making sure everyone who leaves the base is checked out. they will take every pre-dogs to assure that this is not anything
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left going on, especially in the for buildings where this occurred. >> the post spoke to the news media a short time ago saying the deceased soldier who had the two handguns was the primary shooter. do you know if this was an enlisted man or a officer? yes, he was an officer. shepard: that's what sources told me, but i was not able to find anything further. do you know anything about his background? the services he has performed for the military? >> i'm going to let the military give you probably the information as it comes available, but i do think i can say that he was going to deploy to iraq and so i think that there was some measure of being concerned or upset about that,
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and i think more is going to come out probably just as soon as they can verify other certain information. it's really tough. it is very -- and by the way, shepard, you have been great in your handling of this, but it is really a tough situation when one of your own does something so horrendous injuring these people that this man clearly knew were also going to be deployed and going into harm's way. this man did know that. he, too, was going. shepard: i knew without sensing how difficult this is for you and quite frankly all of us, but just so our viewers understand, the information that you are reporting us to comes from military personnel, and i believe you mentioned a colonel in the united states military, is that right? >> i have been talking to some of the military officers and
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they are trying to track down the background of the shooter who was killed. it is not totally clear that they were apart -- a part of this plot. that has not been confirmed. they are questioning him at this time. they are also on guard to make certain they got all the shooters that were in the two buildings that were adjacent. they are taking every precaution. i want to say that the general i talked to is trying to take care of the families, trying to get orders and also have the investigation and i asked him about the information that i have been getting from the news media about f.b.i. agents and they have asked for help in the investigation from the f.b.i. because the f.b.i. obviously has the capability to do investigations so they have asked for that help. they are taking care of the military families. more will be coming out just as soon as they have it.
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if they want to be forthcoming, they are basically in lockdown. they are not letting people out yet. senator hutchinson, other news organizations are rye dent phiing the shooter, the now deceased officer in the united states army who was about to deploy to iraq or afghanistan, was upset about that and today went on the shooting rampage. i have been given a name that is being reported elsewhere, and i'm not -- have you been give an name and what do you know about the suspect? how much are you able to tell us well, i have been given a name but i wouldn't want to confirm that because i don't know if this person's family has been notified. i have been give an name.
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shepard: the united states military has given us a name but it tells us a lot, doesn't it? >> it does. it is a very sad situation. i hope the military will be able to confirm this. i know they need to have more information before they do that, and also the family needs to be notified. it is a horrendous situation and i think that that our hearts are going to go out to this military family as more comes out. thank you for being very careful. >> we all want to be careful here but i want to get a hill background from you if i can, because i don't think it is that sensitive. it is being reported that the officer of the united states military, the primary gunman,
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that this person had spoken in the past about his being upset about going to the war, or he spoke during the commission of these acts or do we knowáñ?ñ?ñ. >> i do know that he has told people he was upset about going. i do know that. >> do you know if he spoke during the commission of these aths? >> i don't know that. i do not know that. shepard: i sense we're in an uncomfortable position for you, senator and i understand that and i wish you and all the people of texas the best. thank you for the information as you get it. >> thank you for everything you're doing on. this thank you very much. shepard: yes, ma'am. we can now confirm what sources have told us and that is through senator hitch is son speaking with -- hutchinson the person response sybil a major in the united states army, an officer in the united states army who was about to deploy to the war,
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was upset about the prospects of being deployed to war. can we connect the dots of that and what he did today? we can't connect the dot just yet and we won't but we will leave the facts on the table and when we can draw them together if we can, we will. until then, i want to get to a reporter on the behind waiting with us. my producer rob was about to give me the name, brenda price, with kusj radio in what town in texas? >> we're in pencil, texas thank you very much the suspect is an officer in the united states military, the army after shooting at the military base. what else can you tell us?
5:37 pm
>> that is the reporting. we do have the name but you don't want to repeat the name so i won't. i do have one. it is not confirmed, however, yes, and he is from virginia. he did convert to islam, and he may be connected to the darnell army hospital. this is what everybody is speck hating. we have a name. we know that has been shot. unfortunately, the civilian miff at fort hood who shot him is also dead. there are two more soldiers in custody right now, and general cone did say that people may have seen the shooters, and i have friends i'm speaking to inside. it's difficult for them right now. it is only text messages so we don't know exactly what is going
5:38 pm
on. shepard: understood. the associated press is reporting the name of this person. we're going to err on the side of caution because i think it is the right thing to do. tell us what the scene is hike from your reporters in the field and the local reporting. i am confident that the killeen community and fort hood community are still beyond stunned. >> oh, yes. right now, what the problem is this are just a lot of families worried about their children who are inside in the schools, in the gymnasiums. all the schools inside fort hood are still on lockdown. teachers are taking roll call to make sure all students are safe. i do know that all the buildings that the students are in, windows are being covered so they cannot hook out and nobody can look in. unfortunately right now, fort hood is stabilized. however, it is not secure. they're not cheering it yet. right now, it's just families trying to get in touch with their children and get in touch with husbands and wives on the inside.
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there are wriefs on the inside trying to reach their husbands who are overseas. everybody is pulling together right now, and everybody is making sure that they keep everybody updated. shepard: i want to get to sergeant major who is on the behind with us. sergeant major, it is nice to talk to you. thank you. clearly the line has gone dead for the moment unless we connected with the wrong one. have we lost the sergeant major? we will get back to that in a moment. new details are coming into focus in this shooting at fort hood in texas. jonathan hunt is live in our new york newsroom. in bits and pieces, information is beginning to come forward and as we wait to find out what a motivation might have been and who might be responsible for this.
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>> we are receiving a name now. we haven't been able to confirm that yet. obviously everybody here is searching for a motive, not least those on the base who have clearly had the most to gain from now knowing exactly why this happened. was this, as we have seen before, some sort of stress-related act being carried out? we have seen other incidents at fort hood of sowed soldier on soldier vie hence, including some just this year, in august and july, for instance, solders were shot by other soldiers after arguments at parties there. this is not unusual in that sense but it is unusual in how many the shooter killed. shepard: thank goodness it is unusual. in the upper right box, you see the floor of the united states house of representatives where they are moments away from a moment of silence in memory of those murdered today at fort hood. we're working our sources at the local hospital there and we're
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told 31 people were injured today, and it is my information now that the extent of the injuries is quite serrieed. i wouldn't want to characterize it as critical or serious or anything like that, because all we have been able to get thus far is that the level of injuries is varied. und are normal circumstances, the hospital would release this information but when the military is involved, the rules change. the military locked its facility down and will release information as it sees fit as it works through its investigation and when we get that information and we will find out if they were enlisted or in fact officers, but we do know according to kay bailey
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hutchinson that the person who was shot and killed is a sergeant and major in the military. jamie postin is with us. good of you to be here. thank you. maybe sergeant major's behind is down again a news conference is beginning now. let's listen in. >> many civilians who work here are absolutely devastated. shepard: it would appear that what we were listening to was a tape. the signal is in and out. the moment it is back up, put it up back on the screen. the weather is quite good. it is not a weather issue. it is a transmission issue. the moment we are able to get back, we will. forgive us for being all over are the mace for the moment, but this is extremely difficult news for us to report and gather, as we know, a real tragedy has happened in the united states military. we're getting closer to figuring out a reason for this. senator hutchinson told us
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that the suspect killed here, that the suspect is an officer who was very upset about deployment, pending deployment to the war zones in iraq and/or afghanistan and that had been said in recent days is the information that i've got. now, today is another matter. did that lead this particular officer to go ahead and commit these acts? we simply do not know and cannot know at least for the time being. we're waiting for a number of things. the house of representatives and waiting for the moment of silence there. we're waiting to get back in touch with jamie postin, who is now on the behind with us. oh, someone else is on the phone. the name of that person is olga pena of the kill heene daily newspaper. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. shepard: what more you can add? >> the situation is something that i'm quite shocked at right
5:44 pm
now. we have been covering fort hood for some time. this is nothing like we have seen. we have reporters on site. they are locked down at fort hood. we cannot get our images and everything from them right now because they are rrk in fact, trying to stay safe. shepard: they're trying to stay safe? >> yes, sir. shepard: that's understandable. we know that a news conference is scheduled to begin a short time from now. we know that governor perry is to speak as well, is that right? >> yes, sir. that's after one news conference that has already taken place where our new general for fort hood, general cone, did address the media. shepard: for our viewers, they're still asking for blood donations, and it is my understanding that scotten white has received all of the injuries do we know the severity of the injuries, the range thereof?
5:45 pm
>> no, sir. all we can confirm is that all the victims are adults no chililen have been harmed, and general robert cone has confirmed that all the shooters are soldiers and that one victim, the one that was killed, was a fort hood officer and also a civilian. shepard: kill heene borders -- killeen borders fort hood and it is a contiguous mace and they operate very well together. a moment of silence. there is a vote on the way on the house floor. we are getting background information on the suspect who was shot and killed by local police as the military tells us he carried are out this attack, for hack of a better word, there at fort hood. let's listen in on the house floor for a moment, if we could.
5:46 pm
do we have audio from the house floor? the microphone is normally turned off on the floor during a house vote but the house mics are clearly up, and as i mentioned a short time ago, steny hoyer was informed by our own chad purdzham, our capitol hill producer, of this shooting that it happened at fort hood. they have been working hard on boablghts sides of the aisle to get a vote on the president's healthcare package, which is the reason that the local representatives are still up there on capitol hill and it's our understanding that after this particular vote is complete, there will be a moment of silence. our national assignment editor is working the desk for us and bringing in information from our of a fill yated radio and television stations an law enforcement and others. given all of that, what more have we been able to learn and ready to report about the man
5:47 pm
shot and killed by local miss as the military said he carried out this act today? >> i think we're close to providing the name and background of that person. we're very close. shepard: governor perry is speaking. let's get to governor perry. >> that all of you keep these families am these individuals in your prayers today. with that, without having any other details, i'd hike to open it up to -- i'd like to open it up to you in the working media for any questions thaw may have. what are the latest numbers? >> the latest numbers are that there were three shooters, one was killed. two in custody. there's upwards of 20 injured, and and the last number i had,
5:48 pm
nine were killed. >> what about the shooters? >> i don't have any information directly about the shooters. i think it is premature to report anything that hadn't been confirmed from an appropriate source. this is an instance where we have the right people on the scene. the incident manager for the department of public safety is there. whether it be an event like a natural disaster of a hurricane, certainly at some point in time i may be on site, but not until i am not a distraction to any of the events that are going on there. the right people are on the scene at this point in time. i talked to the individuals on base who is up range from the event and offered our
5:49 pm
assistance. there is good communication between the federal authorities, the f.b.i. is on the scene right now and between the military and the f.b.i. and the federal authorities, of course that being the federal reservation, that is the appropriate individuals. we are there in a support role and we got great working relationships with those individuals, so they know that we are ready and able to assist in any way we can. >> (question inaudible) >> i'm sure the installation commanders have taken appropriate steps to secure the facilities and what that may be to each commander, and they have in place the type of activities and security precautions that are appropriate. >> did homeland security go with any code alert? >> it's not to my understanding
5:50 pm
that they have, but then again, that's no direct information to me to that. >> where were you when it happened? >> traveling up here from another event in dallas. >> we hear it was where they were processing troops. >> that is what we have heard. my details are a bit hazy as well from the standpoint of specifics of where and when and so i would rather us stick with what we do know, and that is that it's my understanding that the situation is under hand, and now they're going through the process of identifying the victims and of course identifying their families. >> can you talk about security on the base? >> from what standpoint?
5:51 pm
>> some people have said it has been over the years a little lax. >> i will leave that to the military authorities. that's a federal response and i think it would be inappropriate for me to make a statement about security on a federal reservation when that's not our duty, and frankly, i would be out of line just to do such. >> (question inaudible) >> we have talked to the up range commander and & the down range commander is general bolar and he was again, downrange where he needed to be. thank you all for coming today. god bless you and keep these people in your prayers today. so long. shepard: governor rick perry of the state of texas updating us
5:52 pm
to the degree he can on a difficult day in the lonestar state. tragedy has struck one of the largest military bases in all the world. capitol hill, a moment of silence coming ahead in the house of representatives being introduced by the man who was our guest, congressman john carter. listen. >> or war fighters, these are the people at fort hood, most of whom have been deployed four times. it is a real tragedy that these families are losing loved ones and i would hope that we could have a moment of silence not only for those who have died and those wounded but also for their families. >> madam speaker, i join mr. carter in asking us for this moment of silence, and as we do, we remember all of those in our armed forces, whether they are here in america or they are in uniform or civilian service in the defense of our country.
5:53 pm
obviously these brave souls were the object as members of our armed forces, and as we rise in a moment of silence to them, we remember as well all of the brave men and women who are serving around the world to maintain peace, security and freedom. >> members in the gallery will please rise and endure a moment of silence in memory of the victims of violence at fort hood.
5:54 pm
shepard: a moment of silence by john carter, the congressman from the texas district which encompasses killeen and fort hood. a similar moment of silence took place minutes ago in the united states senate introduced by the texas senator kay bailey hutchinson and the entire nation watches and stands in horror in learning that some of the america's finest and bravest have been gunned down on their own military post in texas today. our national assignments editor working sources and getting more information from the national desk in the newsroom. what can you add? >> we're just really working hard to try to find out. we have a lot of information. you have the same information as i do we don't want to put out names of people that have nothing to do with it.
5:55 pm
we are working on one name of the suspect and we seem to know something about this person but we want to be very careful. i want to peek at the time here. we have the pentagon working on this, sources at fort hood who are now beginning to speak to us a little bit. that's what we're focused on, to get the facts as quickly as possible. shepard: for our viewers, what we're talking about here is a man who is now dead, who is accused by the united states military of gunning down his own men, a man who is a -- we at fox news have now confirmed, an officer in the united states military, a man who had expressed repeatedly his displeasure with being dispatched to the wars in iraq and afghanistan, and unidentified sources who refuse to use their names, the same ones are telling all of the news organization the name of this man. we will not go with the name of that man until the united states pentagon confirms it, because to be wrong on something like this
5:56 pm
is something you cannot take back. when the pentagon confirms it, we will tell you everything we know about him o.t. do otherwise would be irresponsible. we're not going to do it. on the phone with us now, chris hough, the fort hood chief spokesperson and joining us live there now. our condolences to all of you in the fort hood family. what can you tell us? >> at the current situation, i think you may have the current numbers. we have confirmed 12 dead and 31 wounded. the wounded injuries are of varying levels and at different hospitals in the area depending on what their injuries are. there are medevacs ongoing to local hospitals to give them the best care possible. >> the post is not yet discussing particulars of the two men who are now in custody and being questioned, is it? >> i do not have any more
5:57 pm
information on the two, other than they were soldiers and have been detained. shepard: it is my understanding that there is a lot of questioning going on all over the post, which would certainly make sense. they're trying to gather information now when they have it gathered and sorted is when they will release it. >> absolutely. you can understand in a situation like this where, especially in today's news where all of the different news channels you are hearing lots of different information, many of which i don't know where it is coming from, but the information that we have at this point was released by lieutenant general bob cone, the fort hood commander. he is your best source for information. he will be holding a press conference at 5:30 p.m. tonight at the main gate. that's 5:30 central time, so 33 minutes from now. fox news will bring you live coverage. for our viewers, sir, for a long time, the post was shut down incoming and outgoing. is that still the case?
5:58 pm
>> as far as i know, that is still the case. shepard: so no one is allowed to leave, they're still trying to gather information? >> we have to make sure we have a full accounting and that we have a gasp on the situation. shepard: schools were in session this afternoon as all of this began. i know there are flien schools on post. have the student who go to school on post been released to their families? >> i'm sorry, i do not know about the schools. i have a saj ent major jamie postin here. i believe you were talking with him earlier shepard: right. >> would you mind if i pass the phone? shepard: i would be very happy for you to. sir, good afternoon. >> can i help you? shepard: shepard smicts at the fox news desk, how are you doing? >> how do do you doing, shep? shepard: very good. there are flien schools on your post. are the school children still in
5:59 pm
the base? >> actually, i just walked in and i don't have the latest. right now, our hearts and prayers go out to everybody impacted by this tragic incident and our main concern is safety with the schools so we did shut the schools down and make sure they were secure but at this time i just walked in. sorry, i just don't have that. give me a few minutes and call me back. i apologize. shepard: very good of you. i appreciate t best of you luck to you and all of yours in the fort hood family. we're moments away from "special report" with bret baier t has been a difficult day to comprehend, the united states army, not an enlisted man but an officer accused of shooting up his fellow officers and fellow soldiers at fort hood. coverage continues

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